Many parents tend to dismiss the importance of baby teeth care. Of course, baby teeth will come and go but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken care of. In fact, baby teeth are important if a kid is to transition to good healthy adult teeth. By starting early, you will get to instill a habit in the baby’s in as far as oral hygiene is concerned. Most importantly though, you will get to keep an eye on baby teeth problems that crop up and sort them early. In this post, we are going to discuss the top 4 baby teeth problems and solutions.

Let’s talk a look at some common baby teeth problems you should watch out for:


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

These are early caries that often occur when a baby is exposed to sugary food and drinks. If not treated, they can be painful to your baby plus it’s a damage that can lead to crooked adult teeth in future.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is normal among babies but prolonged habitual thumb sucking can be an issue especially when the kid has developed permanent teeth. It might lead to a number of baby teeth problems like misalignment of the front teeth, biting issues and even pronunciation challenges

Tongue Thrusting

This is another habit whereby a baby pushes the tongue forward between the upper and lower teeth when they swallow. Just like in the case of thumb sucking, tongue thrusting can push front teeth forward to create misalignment. Again, this can also lead to an overbite and issues with speech.

Early Tooth Loss

Babies can also lose teeth prematurely or rather, before the development of permanent teeth. This baby teeth problem can be caused by a number of issues like extensive tooth decay, injuries, inadequate jaw space etc. Premature baby tooth loss can lead to subsequent problems during development of permanent teeth like crooked teeth, issues when chewing, etc.

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